Enjoy Courtyards & Art on Sat, Oct 3rd

Please join us for a special walking tour through many new beautiful courtyard homes on Saturday, October 3rd from 10am-2pm.

We're also very excited to feature works by several New Orleans artists during this special Open House event, including:

Nicole Charbonnet

“Whether painting images or abstract gestures, my paintings are textural and built up with layers over time. The superimposition of textures, images, collage, words and paint create surfaces that retain or reveal a memory of preexisting stages, resulting in paintings that both illuminate the past and encourage interpretations that function as starting points in and of themselves.” (www.nicolecharbonnet.com)

Raine Bedsole

“For years I've painted and built boats that 'fly' in a metaphorical sense, inspired by myth and history. Boats are powerful symbols of transcendence. Mine are vessels of the psyche, instruments for navigating inner worlds. They reflect personal journeys, as evoked by photographer Minor White as he closed his eyes on his deathbed and said, "I have to go now. There's a small boat waiting." (www.rainebedsole.com)

Karen Laborde

“I approach each canvas as though to tell a story. Often the work begins with phrases or sentences from short stories, written on the canvas. From there, the ideas flow and the paintings themselves become intuitive translations of that which words cannot express—a language of the heart, not the mind.” (www.laborde.net)

Amanda Talley

“Painting, for me, is about translating the activity and movement of the outside world into a vocabulary of paint and line. Each painting experience becomes a challenge to push aesthetic decision-making aside, in favor of drawing in the moment. The best paintings occur when I succeed in letting action dictate form.” (www.amandatalley.com)

For more information, please call us at 850-213-5500 or email events@alysbeach.com.

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