Meet Alys Beach’s Newest Home Owners!

Jason and Anna Comer (and their ever-growing family) broke ground on their new home this week. Jason is the "Town Founder" of Alys Beach, and Alys was his grandmother.

Since he was just a little boy, Jason spent all of his summers here on these beaches with his family.

“Alys Beach broke ground in May 2004, and I am very pleased with our accomplishments to date," said Jason. "It is only fitting that 5 years later, with a family of soon-to-be-6 that we build a home here and begin to enjoy the fruits of our labor. We feel very blessed.”

The new Comer residence will be located on the north side of Scenic Highway 30A, right along the beautiful new Lake Marilyn.

It seems like a strange thing to say, but... Welcome to the neighborhood, Comer Family!


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