Studio B Is Proud to Announce a Major Show

Join Stefan for a Discussion of His Innovative Pieces on Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday Evenings, February 15th, 17th, or 18th, from 5-7 p.m.

Stefan Daiberl

Bullets can kill and razorblades can cut, but as Stefan Daiberl demonstrates in his show at Studio B, these burdened materials can also be used to create beautifully intricate sculptures.

Through his work, using a set of unusual materials, Daiberl investigates the dual character of so many things encountered in life - beautiful and appealing on the outside, but potentially dangerous in closer proximity.

The sculptures, often the result of many months of physically demanding assembly, function as an analogy for a reconstruction of an orderly world out of the chaos of hopelessness.

In a world driven by superficial distractions, void chatter and lack of authentic dedication, Daiberl attemps to create works of integrity dealing with the most basic elements of life itself - birth, death, love, fear and hope.

Sergio Poddighe

Sergio Poddighe, whose art has been seen all over the world, is sharing his talent for the first time in the United States, and Studio B is proud to have his works in their gallery.

"Wrecks resuscitated" derives from the desire to show a deteriorated reality in an expressive and somehow "regenerative" manner. It is an attempt to restore force and new life to the helpless accumulations that have been discarded and abandoned by civilized man.

The wrecks (conceived, used and thrown away by society) recount small stories, remind us of past desires, speak silently of the work of men who have built objects and things for uses that last for while, fade and die.

Today’s refuse is yesterday’s creativity and its fate on this earth resembles our own. The result seems a kind of enthralling "resuscitative recycling," suspended (from the formal point of view) between the figurative and the abstract, with some surreal traces.

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