Toast & Jam

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Toast & Jam

If you know, you know. The cooler months at Alys Beach may just be the sweetest. The streets are a bit quieter; the rays feel a bit brighter against the cool breeze. If you’re here in the fall and winter months, soak it in. Raise a glass and let the music play. Here’s to a very special season on 30A. Let’s toast ... and jam. 

Fig. 1.My Darling Lemon-Thyme:
2oz Doc Swinson’s “Alys Beach” Bourbon,
2 lemon wedges,
.5oz Lemon Thyme Syrup,
4 drops Scarborough Bitters. 

Fig. 2.  Blood Moon Rising:
2oz Lugo’s Pitorro Rum
5oz Carrot Juice
5oz Blood Orange Juice
.25oz Lemon Juice
.25oz Spiced Honey Simple.

Shake and strain into a coupe; add dehydrated carrot.