Thirteenth Edition | September/October | 2021
Welcome to the thirteenth edition of The Alys Journal. September in these parts feels more Indian summer than fall, though the bustle slows, and the pace of routine picks up around us. Beach days are again found merely to bookend school days, and yet the warm sunshine and warm breezes belie the shift in seasons. Though most often still warm, sunlight shifts and fall décor pull us into October, anxious for all that this side of fall brings. Harvest and Halloween, the promise of cooler nights and the cozy comforts of pumpkin spice and cider, seasonal celebrations, maybe even a sweater over our swimsuits as we catch the sunrise or sunset. We invite you inside to explore Alys with us, to slow into autumn with us, to enjoy the ripening of fruits within our landscape, and to explore the intentionality behind the slow fashion movement with the Alys Shoppe.
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