Dogs of Alys: Huck

There’s something about a puppy

Dogs of Alys: Huck
Photo by Jacqueline Ward


There's something about a puppy. Something endearing, something that changes your heart in the way only a floppy-earned, bouncing baby dog can. No matter the late night trips outside, no matter the accidents, no matter the shoes chewed—the innocence and playful nature of a puppy is a balm upon any heart that may have been hardened by the business of daily life. At Alys Beach, we love dogs. That's no secret. But happiness is, indeed, contained within a puppy.

Meet Huck, our latest in the series of The Dogs of Alys Beach. Belonging to owners Karen and Mark Gundlach of New Orleans, this one-year-old lue French bulldog packs great personality and boundless energy into his small frame and delights beachgoers with his playful disposition.

“Happiness is a warm puppy.” – Charles Shultz