Years of Life Defined: The Sketchbook

Twenty Years of Life Defined

Years of Life Defined: The Sketchbook

In 2024, we celebrate twenty years of Alys Beach, Twenty Years of Life Defined. From 2004’s first shovels in the sand to today, celebrate with us as we explore the defining moments, chronicle the coming-to-life of the vision, and take you behind the curtain to reveal the raison d’être of Alys Beach. From dream, inspiration, sketch, plan, collaboration, charrette…we’ll speak with the founders and the architects, the creatives and the planners, the many minds and hands that have come together to bring Alys Beach to its twentieth year. As part of our celebration of this milestone anniversary, we’ll reveal the intention and devotion with which this special town is being created. Our hope as we weave this history through our stories, festivities, and engagement with you this year, is to inspire and instill a deeper connection between you and Alys Beach. And so, we invite you in: between the Butteries, behind the hedges, beneath the geometric lines of the roofscape and the organic swoop of the Medjool palm fronds, from Gulf waters to pristine longleaf pine forest. We invite you into the rich history of Alys Beach.

Sketch and construction of the Gulf Green bathhouses with their exaggerated urns, scale pattern detailing, and perfect harmony. From conception to completion, the functional forms of Gulf Green’s bathhouses with their towering scale, symmetry, and whimsical detailing have conspired to create an iconic moment that defines this precious gathering space in Alys Beach. Architectural design by Khoury Vogt Architects, constructed by Alys Beach Construction.