A Life Defined by Wellness

ZUMA’s Dynamic Duo

A Life Defined by Wellness
Image by Katie DeSantis

We are not static beings. From the moment we arrive in the world, moving our uncoordinated limbs, seeking to roll, to crawl, to walk, to run, our natural proclivity for motion, our desire to move forward using what is within has driven us to discover life more fully. We are not static beings, even in stillness, even in recovery, as our minds find rest to teem with wisdom and knowledge, self inspection, and reflection. Our life, often, is defined by movement, and the beauty of our body and minds interacting with the world around us.

As ZUMA’s walls move up and floor tiles are laid and machines are wheeled in, a space is being created to hold within it a philosophy of self-care and wellness. Where movement will be challenged and encouraged to be better, more intentional, more purposeful. Not simply a fitness center, and much more than a gym, ZUMA will be the meeting of design, beauty, state-of-the-art technology, and community, created as a space to uphold the pillar of wellness as a part of life defined.

Our life is often defined by movement, and the beauty of our body and minds interacting with the world around us.

Set to open in early 2019, ZUMA has been carefully designed as a spa-like space where any person of any ability may seek a rigorous exercise or restorative movement. Each element of the center has been carefully consulted upon, from the latest in modern exercise equipment, to the types of flooring, which accommodate true connection and body awareness, to the campus-style layout with rooms designed for different modalities of exercise, to the programming and trainers expertly selected to optimize the experience.

In the early stages of ZUMA’s development, Alys Beach enlisted Patrick Hoffner, Certified Black Rank TRX Suspension Training Coach and highly-respected holistic wellness trainer, to guide the development of the fitness center programming. He has worked diligently to bring equipment and class offerings that will promote growth toward a better life, a better wellbeing, for ZUMA’s members.

“When we talk about what it means to be “better,” we’re really talking about the experience as a whole,” says Hoffner. “Better functional movement for individuals, better technology and data-driven workouts that help participants meet their goals, and a better atmosphere, from the materials specialized for barefoot workouts to the sense of mind-body connection that will be apparent here.”

The ZUMA campus will consist of diverse spaces offering a variety of fitness and recovery modalities. The pool will be a central line, a thread tying the indoors to the outdoors, and will offer space for lap swimming, recreation, and even opportunities for aquatic yoga and interval training classes.

The Lift Room will feature functional strength training equipment, all top of-the-line from Precor, as well as free weights.

The Cardio Room, surrounded by an expansive wall of windows, will be outfitted with Precor treadmills and ellipticals, recumbent bikes, and active motion trainers.

The machines are designed with ergonomics and functionality at the forefront, while also integrating a modern technology program that allows optimal connection to a workout.

The Movement Room is a completely custom space, designed through Hoffner’s years of extensive fitness studies in collaboration with TRX and Alys Beach’s design team. Members can expect upbeat cycle classes utilizing Precor bikes, as well as TRX Suspension equipment for full-body strength, function, and mobility training.

The Recovery Room will provide space for programming centered in a true mind-body connection, including a variety of yoga classes.

Additionally, ZUMA will feature two treatment rooms, further expressing the spa-like qualities of the fitness center as a whole. For those just off a vigorous workout or for those looking for an escape to reconnect with their body and mind, ZUMA will offer massage therapy in a serene setting.

The space, and all within it, lends itself to a mindful and holistic full-body experience.

The space, and all within it, lends itself to a mindful and holistic full-body experience. With a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces, luxurious landscaping and calming water features, the experience at ZUMA will truly be transforming, as one transitions from the hustle of day-to-day life into a space fully focused on optimal wellness, both physically and mentally.

Equally as important as a robust offering of classes and equipment is the overall experience of the club, and under TJ Middleton’s guidance, ZUMA’s care and attention to each detail of hospitality will be paramount.

Having played in 15 Wimbledon tournaments and traveled the world to the finest clubs and facilities alongside his wife Courtenay (also a professional tennis player, and the winningest player in Ole Miss history), Middleton brings a wealth of knowledge and know-how in the realm of luxury wellness destinations.

From the moment a guest walks across the reflecting pool and onto the ZUMA campus, they will be cared for. But Middleton’s goal is to begin the experience even before that moment. Through intentional service, owners and guests at Alys Beach will be able to have their stay at the Gulf complimented with a schedule of fitness activities, based on their interests and goals for the week. From consultations, to one-on-one tennis training, to group yoga classes, the experience at ZUMA will be completely customizable. Middleton's goal as ZUMA grows is to host wellness weekends and focused workshops within the space, perhaps bringing in renowned trainers and yogi, allowing Alys Beach to be a leader not only in world-class design and community, but also a leader in the fitness and wellness world.

As construction continues and the finishes are installed, the plans behind ZUMA continue to be enhanced each day by the minds brought together to build a thoughtful, integrated community space for wellness. Doors will open in early 2019, and with that a new chapter of Alys Beach will begin. In a place focused on a life defined—by beauty, by community, by truth—there will soon be in place the final pillar, a place for total wellness and growth, inside and out, the ultimate representation of a life well lived.