Alys Beach Food & Beverage + Events

Alys Beach Food & Beverage + Events
Our Food & Beverage and Events Teams Recalibrate with Smaller Gatherings and Intimate Experiences

As we downshift into the slightly slower pace and volume of our shoulder seasons, and with an emphasis on more intimate gatherings, our Events and Food & Beverage Teams have come together to create a dynamic new program with smaller, diverse offerings. Here at Alys Beach, we have a steadfast commitment to growing connection, adding value to the experience of our town through these special experiences. Facilitating lifelong friendships between our community members and creating a legacy of multigenerational bonds is a core mission. Over the years, we’ve seen our owners and repeat guests forge connections that bring them back to the beach, together, time after time. Celebrating life together, making memories together, spending valuable time together.  

Mediterranean Dinner at the Beach Club

Beyond the organic community building integrated into the New Urbanist design principals of Alys, our programming is also designed to encourage connection and offers a creative space for our food, beverage, and events talents to shine. With the bustle of the summer months slowing into fall and winter, this time of year allows us room to explore more bespoke experiences. Guided by Alys Beach Executive Sous Chef Renato Falconi and General Manager Gray Soper, our Beach Club Team, for instance, is garnering attention for their small batch menus celebrating a variety of global influences. Exploring cuisine from around the world, these menus have highlighted dishes from Japan, India, China, Thailand, and Germany, with more mini tours on the horizon. The team is thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to flex the international scope of their culinary inspirations for our homeowners, who have met the offerings with great enthusiasm. The buzz around each new menu “pop-up” builds energy and excitement in the kitchen and in the dining room, where our owners are relishing in the fun of sharing these new flavor explorations amongst family and friends. Current menu offerings can be found in the Alys Beach Owner App under Beach Club dinner menu.

Alice in Wonderland Dinner at Central Park

Igniting the creativity of our Events Team together with our Food & Beverage Team, including Executive Chef Kevin Cavanaugh, General Manager of Caliza and The Beach Club Gray Soper, and Beverage Manager Austin Doiron, the Alys Beach Supper Club Series has also expanded upon the culinary and beverage repertoire with elaborately themed dinners. With beautifully executed settings crafted by our events team, these intimate dinners are designed for an immersive, enchanting experience. Starting off the series, the GoodFellas Dinner turned Caliza into the set of the ‘80’s Hollywood classic film and featured a four-course Sicilian dinner with wine pairings, a themed specialty cocktail hour with passed hors d’oeuvres, and a garish (but delicious) wedding cake dessert, no detail spared. A pre-summer Mediterranean Dinner set the Beach Club aglow, and an early autumn Alice in Wonderland Dinner transformed Central Park into a fantastic setting for a topsy-turvy cocktail and dining experience. This fall and winter, the Supper Club Series offerings include “A Taste of India,” an enchanting evening of exotic Indian fare in Papilio Park; and the Réveillon Dinner (for Alys Beach homeowners) in the Beach Club, which will be a decadent and festive holiday revelry in the spirit of the French/New Orleans tradition. The Supper Club Series continues in 2022 with more beautiful, celebratory themed dinners paired with thoughtfully selected libations. 

GoodFellas Dinner at Caliza

Austin’s Beverage Team has also been working on special programming for the upcoming holidays, a time when our homeowners tend to enjoy spending extra time at the beach. A small gathering at NEAT for an exclusive Whiskey Tasting during the week of Thanksgiving will benefit Warrick Dunn’s Home for the Holidays, and the annual Wine Down/Stock Up tasting event at the beginning of December will benefit the Point Washington Medical Clinic. Wine & Song will extend between Christmas and New Year’s to offer special tastings and bottles in preparation for the New Year’s Eve festivities, with live music and Henry’s Pizza Truck. These tasting events have become highly anticipated small gatherings, and opportunities for our Alys community to stock their homes with the best spirits and wines for celebrating the holidays. 

Sharing a beautiful meal, a drink, conversation, celebrating special holidays and experiences, gathering together with neighbors, friends, and family – these are the foundations upon which community is built, and community is a pillar of design and legacy at Alys Beach. We are excited to share this expansion of creative programming here at Alys Beach, with even more robust plans for expanding small events and gatherings options in 2022, and our hope is that it brings you all together and adds meaningful value to your lives in Alys, bonded by a Life Defined.

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