Alys Shoppe | The Holiday Gift Box

Fifteenth Edition ALYS SHOPPE
Alys Shoppe | The Holiday Gift Box
Share Alys Beach with your loved ones with the Holiday Gift Box from the Alys Shoppe.

The Alys Shoppe has curated a special gift for this holiday season – a collection of old and new logo favorites boxed beautifully for thoughtful gifting.

Our custom scented Arboleda candle is one of the most cherished items carried by the Alys Shoppe, with a scent especially created to encapsulate the serenity of Alys, specifically the pocket park for which it’s named.

Our new, white Alys Beach mug sports our classic logo; the perfect vessel for enjoying hot cocoa, hot apple cider, a festive mulled wine, spicy bourbon cocktail, or simply a nice, hot cup of coffee or tea. The possibilities are endless, and the season is perfect for a mug full of a warm beverage!

Perhaps the newest of the three items is this beautiful Turkish T blanket embroidered with the Alys Beach logo. The herringbone weave of this combed, low-twist cotton beach blanket is the perfect accessory for the winter beach experience. Whether bundled up around a bonfire or soaking up the sun along the shore, this blanket is light for easy carrying but thick and soft enough to keep you cozy and warm.

Stop by the Alys Shoppe during your visit or go to the website to find gifts as sincere, graceful, and thoughtfully designed as our town. And if you need assistance making selections for your special people, our savvy Alys Shoppe team would love to help you find just the right items.

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