Curves of Alys

Seventeenth Edition DETAILS OF ALYS
Curves of Alys
Musings on the beauty of Alys Beach from the photo files of Alys Beach Marketing.

This visual exploration of the details found in the design of Alys Beach is a continuation of our “of Alys” series. We kicked off 2022 with the Lines of Alys, a visual exploration of the straight lines found throughout town and a light examination of how those lines function from the macro application of the grid layout within the master plan, to the smallest detail of clean, geometric lines and angles, providing  feelings of simplicity, order, and symmetry.

As we took stock of these lines, we couldn’t help but take notice of the contrasting curves, arcs, bends, and circular patterns that also grace the space of the white walls and details of Alys. The contrast creates layers of interest while addressing function as with the elliptical openings in courtyard walls providing ventilation and light for these private outdoor spaces, soften the hard lines of a façade with a curvilinear balustrade or an arched entryway, punctuate the base of a Juliet balcony with a flourish, stretch upward in an elegant spiral staircase, or add subtle ornamentation to the top of a chimney. A sphere sits atop a square rail post, a stone bolster accents an exaggerated concrete bench, scrolls and scallops in wrought iron adorn entry gates and hand rails, abstract serpents ripple across the turf of Fonville Park, bulbous urns provide container gardens of herbs and greenery, pebble inlays swirl in an echo of the patterns of water, and the bold and beautiful, voluptuous curves of Christian Peschke’s sculpture Tänzerin adds dimension to the green space in front of Caliza Courts and Caliza Pool – these spheres and curves can be spotted just about everywhere. As we noted in our study of the Lines of Alys, Alys is a wonderfully aesthetic and functional lesson in geometric beauty. 

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