Field Guide | The Art of Alys Beach

Twelfth Edition The Alys Foundation
Field Guide | The Art of Alys Beach
Grab a copy of our new Field Guide from Guest Services or our Sales Office, and walk with us through our pedestrian paths, pocket parks, green spaces and along our Nature Trail, exploring these works of artists from around the world.

The funding and procurement of public works of art for Alys Beach is one of the primary roles of the Alys Foundation, along with the pursuit of cultural explorations within the town, the funding of signature events at Alys, and providing support for local nonprofits within the larger community.

From the very beginning of Alys Beach, there has been a plan for extending the creative, artistic language beyond the architectural design. It has always been intended that Alys should provide a backdrop, a canvas, if you will, for works of art set within the natural gallery spaces between landscape and architecture. The organic, open air placements of these sculptures and art pieces is meant to connect and dialogue with the community, to promote creativity, a pause of mindfulness in recognition of the beauty around us. Grab a copy of our new Field Guide from Guest Services or our Sales Office, and walk with us through our pedestrian paths, pocket parks, green spaces and along our Nature Trail, exploring these works of artists from around the world.

Untitled (Mosaic Murals), Concetta Rothwell Morales (New York)

Located inside the Alys Beach Butteries, marking the east and west corners of Alys Beach’s boundaries along Scenic Highway 30A, you will find beautiful mosaic murals depicting scenes of the history and heritage of South Walton County.

Recline in Blue, Dhruva Mistry (Kanjari, India)

Across from the Alys Beach Amphitheatre along Scenic Highway 30A lies a striking, cobalt blue, 2-D figure in repose. Recline in Blue represents one of Mistry’s most acclaimed series, a study on, and celebration of, life.

Tanzerin, Christian Peschke (Germany)

Perhaps our most infamous sculpture is that of Tanzerin, affectionately referred to as “Joy,” found in the green space of Caliza Courts, framed by the beautiful façade of Caliza Pool. This dancing, joyful woman celebrates femininity and equality, along with pure joy for life and beauty.

Leda, Steve Wagner (Florida)

Tucked into the pocket park, Arboleda, this large-scale mermaid portrait floats atop the rolling waves of yaupon holly, sculpted to resemble the Gulf waters.

Untitled (Dragon), Charles Lawson (Florida)

Looming from within the Alys Beach Nature Trail is this imposing sculpture of steel and repurposed metals. The dragon is a playful installation, his story recently told in more detail in the Spring 2021 edition of the Alys Gazette.

Untitled (Horses), John Aspley (North Carolina)

On the north side of Lake Marilyn, the rustic teak wood horses frolic in the native Lovegrass. Set along the Nature Trail, this installation compliments the natural elements of its surroundings.

Marbella, Unknown (Italy)

At the head of Papilio Park, the mystical figure of a marble mermaid imparts her ornate Italian Renaissance designs on the clean, airy lines of this pocket park. A small grove of olive trees pays homage to Marbella’s Italian heritage.

Chauncey, Chauncey Too, Chauncy Blowin’ In The Wind, Carrot; Jim Budish (Arizona)

Tucked into the Literary Lair of Turtle Bale Pedestrian Path, along the western edge of Fonville Park, is a grouping of whimsical bronze sculptures. Set with organic benches, this little spot is designed to encourage a story time gathering, or an impromptu reading nook.

Alberta, Sonia Ebling (Brazil)

Within the courtyard of the Alys Beach Sales Center you’ll find a beautiful bronze figural sculpture exploring the connection between people and nature.

Untitled (Turtles, Hatchlings), Dan Dutton (Kentucky)

Our most expansive installation is found along the south side of Turtle Bale Pedestrian Path in a sculptural celebration of the lifecycle of the sea turtle. This playful installation invites us into the joyful story following the sea turtle up from the Gulf waters to nest and to hatch.

The Water Bearer (private collection), Brad Morton (Alabama)

Though not part of The Alys Foundation’s collection, this abstract bronze is important to include in our guide to Alys Beach art. Installed by homeowners Jim and Tara Bryant along the South Sea Garden Pedestrian Path, this piece is meant to be enjoyed by all who pass by.

*Images courtesy of Kurt Lischka, Moon Creek Studios

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