Steppes of Alys

Steppes of Alys
Musings on the beauty of Alys Beach from the photo files of Alys Beach Marketing, including photos by Kurt Lischka of Moon Creek Studios, M.K. Sadler, and Tommy Crow.

This visual exploration of the details found in the design of Alys Beach is a continuation of our “of Alys” series. In May, we admired some of the staircases around town, from the elegant and grand to the simple and gracefully functional. This month, we move from steps to steppes for an Alys detail that dominates our skyline, a detail that is as functional as it is aesthetic. 

The stepped roofs are attributed to the close relationship of Alys architecture to classic Bermudian architecture, where this feature was developed to address the lack of a fresh water source on the island. The steppes slow down heavy rain to aid in the collection of rainfall for water supply, a technique that has long been critical to Bermuda’s water supply and is now written into building code, which requires that 80% of rainwater be collected. 

In Alys, the primary function of the steppes is to aid in the distribution and handling of water runoff, which is critical to our area. This water management function, along with the ambient cooling function of the whitewash of the roofs, supports the practice of sustainability consistent with our design principles at Alys Beach.

Looking out across the special landscape of Alys Beach, the zigzag contrast between blue skies and stepped white rooflines, we appreciate the vision more in knowing that there is function behind the beauty. As you look out over a horizon of white peaks, we hope that you find yourself pondering the function to the form, a depth to this design detail, more meaning to the “Steppes of Alys.”

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