The Beverage Evolution

Tenth Edition The Food & Beverage Program
The Beverage Evolution
The evolution of the Beverage Program at Alys Beach, including COVID inspirations.

The evolution of the Beverage Program at Alys Beach, including COVID inspirations.

The Alys Beach Beverage Program is an ever-evolving canvas, a tapestry of curation and creation just as discerning and beautifully choreographed as our town itself. Led by Beverage Manager Austin Doiron, with the oversight of Senior Director of Operations Hugues LeBerre, the programming has always been very dynamic, with menus changing by the month in response to the season and the availability of seasonal ingredients, with special events and holidays, and with noteworthy arrivals of a signature spirit or a grand tasting. This year, however, as the beverage team navigated the safety measures and social changes surrounding the pandemic, created another exceptional layer of dynamism.

Even prior to COVID, Austin has worked with homeowners individually to bring in, and even pre-stock their homes with, their beverages of choice. This service continues to offer our Alys Beach homeowners a tailored, personalized service that often yields surprise appearances of hard-to-get bottles and limited edition finds, and also provided a unique vantage point both relationally and logistically as we found ourselves in unprecedented territory last spring. The pivot to accommodate our neighbors hunkering down in Alys Beach at the onset of the COVID shutdown included special in-home beverage deliveries, in-home cocktail kits, and in-home wine tastings to accompany our Virtual Wine & Song events on Tuesday evenings, where the live performance of a local musician would stream via Facebook and those in Alys Beach opted in for specially selected and portioned wine tastings delivered to their doors. As the pandemic continued, stretching out longer than anyone had anticipated, the team rolled out a program of in-home tastings including tequila, whiskey, and wine. As safety regulations relaxed, guests and owners had the opportunity to host tastings with friends and family, guided in-person by Austin. Meeting the needs of our guests and owners has led to a broadening of our permanent beverage program offerings to include these in-home experiences, which remain available to those residing or staying in Alys Beach and expands on the idea that our time “at home” is essential to the overall Alys experience.

As one of our Alys Beach homeowners shares with enthusiasm, “We have been beyond thrilled with the new service Austin and Neat have provided by being able to purchase wine and have it delivered (directly to our home in Alys Beach). We started using the service during the pandemic but have continued to use it because of the convenience and wonderful service… We have a wonderful wine store in Birmingham and have certain wines that we like, so we would always buy our wine in Birmingham and bring it down here. When we found out what Neat was offering, I texted Austin and sent him pictures of the wines we like to see if he could get them. He was able to get every one of them and within a few days.  He was also great at offering suggestions to the wines we liked as options.  The prices are a little higher…but the convenience of having Austin deliver it right to our door is so worth it and amazing service! We have and will continue to use Austin and Neat for purchasing our wine as long as they keep providing the service.  As a side note, they can also get other alcohol as well (beer, vodka, etc.)…”

This Alys Beach homeowner also mentions, “(we) also love going to Neat. They have the best drinks, and we love the staff and atmosphere. It is one of our favorite places to go!” NEAT, our open, public Bottle Shop & Tasting Room, is once again a lively gathering place and host to live music and special wine selections every Tuesday for Uncorked: Wine & Song. The Bottle Shop offers a thoughtful selection of wines, small batch spirits, artisan mixers, craft beers, and the most refined barware, tools, and gifts for the beverage aficionado. Current specialty product includes Alys Beach’s recent barrel pick, Treaty Oak Distilling bourbon whiskey, and signature Alys Beach limited edition El Tesoro Tequila, with new spirit highlights and special editions on regular rotation. The Tasting Room, with the creative input of Hunter Church on mixology, has a constantly evolving cocktail program of beautifully presented combinations handcrafted with the latest preparations. Paired with light bites designed by Executive Chef Kevin Cavanaugh, NEAT cocktails, spirits, and wines by the glass are the perfect complement to time well spent in Alys Beach. Each month the menu itself is a sensory exploration of festive drinks developed to celebrate the season and the freshest ingredients available.

Overall, and alongside a talented food & beverage team, Austin has overseen the evolution of a beverage program that is impeccably crafted for each place. Whether amongst friends in a private courtyard, poolside at Caliza, catching the sunset from the third-floor terrace of the owner-exclusive Beach Club, enjoying rest or play on the beach, or alfresco under the string lights at NEAT, there’s a beverage for every moment, every celebration, every opportunity for slowing down and enjoying a day or evening in Alys. Wine and spirit selections range from the rare and exclusive to the more approachable yet no less refined, with special skill for helping guests navigate their options by flavor profile, preference, and by price point. Relationally, and with exceptional industry knowledge and knowhow, the team is committed to creating an experience that is comfortable, welcoming, and memorable.

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