ZUMA Wellness Center Grand Opening

Birmingham-based Nequette Architecture & Design is pleased to announce the completion of ZUMA, a wellness center at Alys Beach, designed by the firm. The award-winning firm developed a thoughtfully-designed space focused on natural light, large glass framing, a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces, luxurious landscaping, and calming water features.

ZUMA, named after a Mediterranean word for peace and wellness, will offer homeowners and Alys Beach resort guests an opportunity to unwind, relax, rejuvenate, and maintain a healthy and mindful lifestyle.

“The experience begins as you pass through the strong, protective wood-carved wall into a quiet, lush entry garden and reflecting pool,” says architect, Louis Nequette. “The building then unfolds around a large internal courtyard. You’re never far from nature while you enjoy your movement, strength, cardio, or recovery experience.”

The 15,000-square-foot facility will include a Lift Room, Movement Room, Cardio Room, and Recovery Room, as well as an indoor/outdoor pool, two treatment rooms, steam rooms, exterior natural spaces, and more, all designed to create a space fully focused on the optimal wellness of guests.

“For many of us these days, the daily fitness experience is a cathartic release. It serves as a critical meditative experience that complements our busy professional and family lifestyles. ZUMA seeks to embody that need in physical form,” says Louis Nequette.

Designed to provide a destination experience, the comprehensive facility will offer a variety of classes led by highly-trained experts and catered to each participating individual, including yoga, spin, TRX, and more, including tennis lessons on the two adjacent red-clay tennis courts. Also, a smoothie bar and a courtyard designed for yoga and meditation are in the center of the property.

“At ZUMA, we’ve captured all of the elements needed to create a wellness culture that aligns and enhances the values of the Alys Beach community,” says Head Fitness Professional, Patrick Hoffner.  “Between the spa, lift, cardio, movement, recovery, tennis, and pool, we have assembled the best people, equipment, and technology that work together to provide the level of excellence that our community expects.”

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