Culinary Community

Culinary Community

Culinary Community
Photos by Brenna Kneiss

The culinary program at Alys Beach has developed over the years alongside the thoughtfully planned community, becoming a true amenity offering that contributes to the town’s overall vision of New Urbanism. At first glance there may be uniformity in aesthetic, but Alys Beach homeowners each contribute their own unique styles and lived experiences to the landscape of the town. The same can certainly be said for the Alys Beach culinary program; it is only growing richer and more dynamic with each year that passes, pushing and exceeding expectations with confidence and a unique point of view, all while keeping central the value of a life defined by community. 

Guests have enjoyed this continued creativity as the community’s team of chefs and culinary experts bring globally-inspired flavors, techniques, and ingredients to seasonal and classic dishes. Added to that is a coordinated effort from the beverage program, which brings fine wines, specialty spirits (often custom, collaborative blends), and craft beer experiences to enhance a culture and lifestyle that savors time gathered around the table. 

The culinary scene at Alys Beach is intimate and gracious, with a special knack for making even the large-scale events feel as special as fine dining experiences. Approaching cuisine as an essential amenity, the community celebrates fine food through events like the 30A Wine Festival, Digital Graffiti, and Crafted, as well as in the offerings of Caliza Restaurant, NEAT Tasting Room, and The Beach Club, with cooking demonstrations, holiday meals, and the Alys Beach Supper Club series. Beachgoers can even select from a robust menu of fresh lunch foods and house made agua frescas to be delivered right to their chairs as they sit with their toes in the surf. 

From sunrise to sunset and beyond, the culture of Alys Beach is enhanced by time spent together—with beauty and thoughtfulness driving interactions, with creativity and collaboration enhancing the experience, and upon the tables we gather around, with joy made manifest through memorable food and drink.