Like Cats and Dogs

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Like Cats and Dogs
Images by Mark Little

So often in life, a question is posed that will then define who we are based on a simple choice. Are you a coffee drinker or do you prefer tea? Do you have a sweet tooth or perhaps you tend to the savory? Do you favor The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? While all of these choices may be important to determine compatibility in a relationship, there exists, possibly, one of life’s most defining questions:
Are you a dog person or a cat person? 

What if you choose both?

Affable, joyful, and often full of boundless energy, our dogs are there to lend an ear or motivate us to get a move on through life. It’s no secret that we cherish our dogs at Alys Beach; however, we also have quite an affinity for our feline friends. Meet Sophie and Oliver … and Tonk and Puffy. Their owners, Carol and Forrest Bryant, explain that these four have forged an unbreakable bond over the never-ending supply of lizards and frogs to chase in their Alys courtyard.

Sophie, 9, is a Cockapoo with a loving and loyal disposition. Carol says that Sophie has essentially raised Oliver, 8, a German Shorthaired Pointer. An intuitive thinker who considers himself the baby of the family, Oliver has an energetic temperament and is always on the go around town. The Bryant family also includes Tonk, a rescue cat with the personality of a Labrador Retriever, and Puffy, the gentle ruler of the household. 

The phrase “like cats and dogs” may originate from the Greek expression cata doxa, meaning “contrary to experience or belief.” This canine/feline friendship is a testament to enjoying a well-rounded life with friends big and small, near and far, old and young.