Small Moments Of Great Joy

Small Moments of Great Joy

Small Moments Of Great Joy
Images by Kyle Carpenter

Anyone who has met Grove Fisher—local florist, event designer, and owner of Fisher’s Flowers — knows her personality is as dazzling as her work. With an eclectic career path (history major, high school educator, law student, hospitality specialist, member of the American Forest Alliance team) and inspired by her childhood adoration of her grandmothers’ work in garden clubs and church alter guilds, Fisher has built a vibrant business along the Florida Gulf Coast. She brings beauty to all she touches and adds an uplifting spirit to both home and venue alike. It is during unprecedented times like these, when all news feels heavy, when the ugly in the world might be more apparent than the beauty, that Fisher’s bright approach to life is utterly effective in making the world a better place—one arrangement at a time.

A Jacksonville, Florida, native, she says that flowers are something that have always made sense to her, but she did not come into her current role as the co-owner (along with her husband, Adam) of Fisher’s Flowers in Santa Rosa Beach without a few twists and turns along the way. But that winding path, it seems, has brought a dynamic and diverse energy to the work she does today.

In 2008 an opportunity arose for Fisher and her then-fiancé, Adam, who also had experience in the food industry, to move to Destin and open a restaurant. Unsurprisingly, they fell in love with the Emerald Coast, and though they initially had no intention of staying long term, it is now where they’ve made their home.

Fisher began doing flowers for some area restaurants and did the flowers for her own wedding. Soon, the demand for her services began to increase. Fisher and her husband had always fondly remembered the roadside flower carts they had seen on a weeks-long trip to Italy years before. As her new flower business began to take off, they formed a dream of replicating the flower carts they had loved so much in Italy. Though they were not able to create the flower cart business as originally intended because of zoning laws, they were able to work out of their home and eventually rent a brick and mortar space in Grayton Beach. Now, about twelve years later, they are doing florals, design, lighting, and custom backdrops for large weddings in every community on the Emerald Coast as well as staging large events, music festivals, and multifaceted events including the 30A Wine Festival. As Fisher says, their “little flower cart dream has mushroomed into a large event business.” The Fishers see their work as an inspired extension of the art they both love. She explains, “I don’t think art is something that you have to have studied for a long time. If it comes through to you and you enjoy it, you’ve made art. For me, putting stems together to create something that brings joy is art.” Adam expresses his art as the designer and carpenter behind their large-scale custom tables, backgrounds, and equipment.

Though Fisher has loved working in the various communities around 30A, she says there is something truly special about Alys Beach. When talking about the events team at Alys Beach, she says, “There is a culture of kindness here. There is a willingness to try things and think outside the box. I love their creativity. They never just say, ‘no, we can’t do that.’ As an artist and businessperson, I love that philosophy and the people who are behind it. It extends to the food and beverage team and engineering team. It’s truly a joy to be involved with them from start to finish.” She also adds that she feels the Alys Beach aesthetic matches seamlessly with her own natural, coastal design style. Fisher loves producing over-the-top events in a way that feels understated and minimalist. She thinks it is important to enhance a space without totally converting it. She says she wants to be inspired by Jane Goodall, not Liberace. And while the buzz of large-scale events, weddings, and fundraisers at Alys Beach is in a holding pattern due to the current safety regulations surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, the rise of “micro-events” is evidence of the buoyant spirit of a community that finds comfort and beauty in gathering—even if that looks a little different these days. Smaller guest lists lead to more intimate conversations, more meaningful interactions.

“It’s been fun to take clients and ten of their favorite people and create a space for them that’s still beautiful and intentional, but safe. It’s helping us to stretch our creative muscles.” During this uncertain period, Fisher encourages others to slow down and take advantage of the beauty around them. She believes it can be a wonderful time to relax in your own space with the added splendor of fresh bouquets, either from the grocery store or your own yard. She says, “On a holistic, soulful level, it can bring light and color to your space. For me, when I move into a new place, I’m not thinking about where the couch will go, I’m thinking about the plants and where the best light is. Given this time of anxiety and not being sure of the future, flowers are a really lovely thing you can do for yourself.”

Recreate Grove Fisher’s floral arrangement in your own home. Here’s how…

Tools you’ll need: Bud vase, flowers (see below), fresh water, and gardening shears

Flowers to gather: Larkspur, tulips, scabiosa, ranunculus, crispedia, spray roses, and sword fern (If these are unavailable, Fisher says to find any flowers that are vibrant and offer unique textures.)

Steps to follow: Find a bud vase if you have one; if not, an old wine or soda bottle will work well. Fill it with cool, clean water all the way to the top. Gather your desired flowers. Remember, your bud vase or bottle probably has an opening small in diameter, so avoid flowers with thick stems such as hydrangeas for this arrangement. Cut the stem the length you want. Make sure to cut different lengths so that your final product is not all one height. Cut the stem at an angle, allowing the flowers to drink the water more readily. Place each stem in the vase one and a time and move them around until you get your desired look. Place the arrangement on your windowsill, next to your bed, or wherever the sight of it will bring you joy.