The Alys Beach Club

The Alys Beach Club

The Alys Beach Club

As fall settles in along the Gulf Coast, magic happens. The sound of the waves become a little clearer in the absence of the hustle and bustle of summer. For some it is a time of rest; for others, a time of anticipation. For Alys Beach homeowners, fall and its cool breeze off the ocean brings with it a sense of wonder in waiting as they peer toward the dunes and watch a new gathering place rise over the horizon.

Set to welcome the citizens of the beachside community in the summer of 2020, The Alys Beach Club will be the town’s private, homeowner-exclusive club. Unlike any other amenity in the area, the Beach Club will provide the most coveted experience on the Gulf Coast. Reflecting and embracing its surroundings, the Beach Club, designed by Hart Howerton, will optimize the beach experience and the unforgettable views the Gulf Coast provides. A place where every detail is designed with homeowners in mind, it is here that relationships will be strengthened, friendships formed, and a community gathered together in defining life at Alys Beach.

Each Element Elevated

The Beach Club consists of three levels and a rising plaza that each bring the beach into primary focus. On the street level of the Beach Club sits the main entrance, the beach access, and the administrative and support services areas.

On the second and main level, visitors will find the elegantly furnished deck with a stunning infinity pool, locker rooms, the beach access to the dune crossover, and a casual dining venue. This view from the second level will feel familiar to homeowners who enjoyed The Perch, as it is positioned at a similar height to see Alys Beach’s iconic white sand beach and emerald water over the top of the dunes.

On the upper level, visitors will enjoy the Sunset Bar and Terrace, which, with its open air design and thoughtful sight lines, will arguably have the best view of the Gulf found anywhere along the coast. The vista from each level will offer a unique perspective to take in Alys Beach’s very finest amenity—the beach.

Where the Town Meets the Beach

“The Beach Club is where the town meets the beach; a wonderful confluence of where the sculptural, white plaster forms of your environment meet the undulating white dunes of the natural environment.” - Tim Slattery, Partner at Hart Howerton

The Beach Club is designed in the classic tradition of Alys Beach, owning a nod to far-off destinations such as Bermuda, St. Barts, and the Caribbean. But, as the Beach Club will indeed be the central...the central gathering place for folks who call Alys Beach home, it was important when designing the space that the materials chosen reflect Northwest Florida. Local materials will be utilized throughout and color selections within the space will allow the colors of nature to flourish within and around the Club. Here, the beach and the town intermingle, not only through the breathtaking views within the open area spaces, but also through colors and textures and palettes that mirror and complement the scenery.

Of great importance when designing the Beach Club was creating a relaxed, comfortable setting. Whether you’re enjoying the lounge area during football season, a game on one of several televisions and the ocean waves just out the window, or gathering with neighbors upon the terrace to catch up after being away, the Beach Club will be the ultimate extension of home for Alys Beach owners. With all the Beach Club has to offer, it is easy to imagine an entire day enjoying the space. Perhaps one might wake up for a workout at ZUMA, followed by a dip in the pool the Club. Maybe one might then stroll down to the beach to relax by the sand and order beach delivery service from the Beach Club for lunch. Later, one might consider consider heading up to the Sunset Bar and Terrace for drinks with neighbors or a peaceful glass of wine as the sun sinks below the horizon. From sunrise to sunset, The Beach Club enhances a life defined by beauty and community like nothing on the Gulf Coast.

From sunrise to sunset, The Beach Club enhances a life defined by beauty and community like nothing on the Gulf Coast.

A View to Remember

The views found along this piece of the Gulf Coast may be familiar to those who call it home; perhaps we even forget what a treasure we have just outside our front door. Or it may be that each sight of the ocean waves takes your breath away, just as it did the first time. Whatever the case may be, the Beach Club and all within it bring attention to the glory of nature and all that can be enjoyed within it.

The multi-tiered club is built in such a way that one might take in both sunrise and sunset views. Open air pavilions, expansive windows, and a pool that positions its guests seemingly upon the horizon, all take care to honor nature’s creation. Just adjacent to The Beach Club is an expansive plaza that will serve as a prominent beach access for the entire town and its visitors to enjoy. Starting at street level, the tiered plaza gradually reveals the ombre of blue sky to emerald sea, each step giving way to greater views from the top of the dunes, iconic architecture surrounding on three sides with an unforgettable view of the Gulf ahead.

A Place for Community

One of the most memorable pieces of the Alys Beach experience is the deep relationships that develop between homeowners and their families.

One of the most memorable pieces of the Alys Beach experience is the deep relationships that develop between homeowners and their families. The town of Alys Beach is just that—a town—with a Town Center of shops and restaurants, a wellness center and community pool, and now with a gathering place for those who call this place home to connect as they take in the beauty of what drew them here in the first place. Anticipation heightens as construction on the Beach Club continues throughout the fall and winter at Alys Beach. By next summer, this stunning piece of architecture and iconic element of community life will be bursting with energy, and we as a town look forward to celebrating in a space thoughtfully designed to bring neighbors and families together.