Slow Fashion

Thirteenth Edition ALYS SHOPPE
Slow Fashion
Ethical sourcing and sustainable choices at the Alys Shoppe.

The concepts around “Slow Fashion” closely compliment the concepts of legacy through authenticity of, and investment in, quality materials found in the architecture and design of Alys Beach. Thoughtful, intentional, ethical merchandise “slows” consumption and excessive production for sustainable practices – supporting a healthier supply chain in terms of environment and workforce. As a walk through Alys Beach gives pause for intentional design, the luxury of quality finishes, for beauty in detail and mindfulness, these designers represent just a handful of the brands carried by the Alys Shoppe that embody the Alys principles carried through to wardrobe choices. The luxury of intention, simplicity, legacy. The luxury of a life defined.

LAUDE the Label “empowers women around the world to find financial freedom through safe and meaningful employment at living wages.” LAUDE the Label’s manifesto touts impact over profits, valuing sustainable and humane production of their designs. Products and packaging are made with organic and upcycled materials and are designed for minimal remnants. Practices are designed to reduce carbon emissions, lessen water and energy use, minimize the consumption of new raw materials, and to honor both the earth and their artisans and makers.

Hilo Sagrado, since 2013, “has implemented a model of inclusive development that recognizes the deep cultural legacy and value of artisan communities in Latin America, and which seeks to empower women with the tools that allow them to improve their quality of life.” Not only does Hilo Sagrado seek to preserve the cultural heritage of the indigenous peoples of Latin America, but also to provide education, economic empowerment, and sustainable development for these communities. The traditional motifs of the weaves of the Wayuu bags, shoes, and accessories are made by their artisan teams in authentic expression of their daily life and heritage, hand crocheted using traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations. The beautiful mochila bucket bags can take over 3 weeks to complete, resulting in a lasting product representing a legacy of sacred traditions and values.

Neu Nomad was founded upon decades of experience in the fashion industry, reimagined to create a brand based on ethics, sustainability, and transparency. These principles extend from production to sale with eco-friendly dyes, zero-waste packaging, ethical business practices and the empowerment of a global collective of female artisans and workers, accessible and fair prices, and biodegradable, natural, plant-based fibers.

HALF UNITED combines fashion with philanthropy in a brand model that provides employment as a means of fighting hunger in developing nations including Haiti, Fiji, Cambodia, and Madagascar, as well as within the United States. For every HALF UNITED product purchased, you provide 7 meals to children in need and gainful employment for the brand’s artisan partners. “Fashion and Giving – two halves that united can make a difference.”

The stories of these brands, and how they’ve developed their products and materials on the pillars of environmental and ethical responsibility, encourage us to view our wardrobe selections with mindfulness and intentionality, clothing ourselves in beautiful, luxurious products that have a positive global reach. We know altruism and philanthropy to be cornerstones for our Alys Beach community, shown in the individual initiatives of our homeowners, and as a thread woven though the core design of our town. From The Alys Foundation’s work with, and contributions to, local charities, and extending into several product lines carried at the Alys Shoppe, support of communities beyond our own is a defining factor of life in Alys. We welcome you to explore these designers, as well as other brands that promote the concepts behind the slow fashion movement, with us at the Alys Shoppe.

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