Eleventh Edition | July | 2021
Eleventh Edition | July | 2021
Eleventh Edition
Welcome to the eleventh edition of The Alys Journal. Summertime has settled in along with friends and families from around the country, here to spend precious vacation time with us along this beautiful coastline. July in these parts brings a bustle of activity, slow and unstructured, a pace of relaxation and togetherness. Freedom rings within the sounds of laughter and the sensation of a frolic in the Gulf waters. July here means sunshine and afternoon showers, patriotic parades and bunting-lined porches, watermelon and ice cream, the joys of summer. We hope you’re able to celebrate the season with us here at Alys and, if you happen to be celebrating from afar, we hope this issue transports you here, with us, for a moment in time. We hope you feel connected and held close with the tales of happenings amongst the town of Alys Beach.

“Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” ― Hans Christian Anderson (Danish author, 1805-1875)
$1,875,000 | North of 30A
$6,750,000 | South of 30A
South of 30A
$5,495,000 | South of 30A
Alys Beach’s Newest Sales Offerings

Our town continues to grow, guided by the founding principles of thoughtful, intentional design, architecture and art, community and connection, nature and environment, wellness and the simple joys of life well lived. Resale homes are in high-demand, and pre-construction homes and homesites are offered in limited, small-release sales. If you are interested in purchasing a home or homesite in Alys Beach, we recommend that you stay connected with our Alys Beach sales team to learn about opportunities as soon as they come available. Our sales team is also the very best place to start if you’re interested in knowing what the options are for building a home in Alys. Toll free: 866-744-9958, Local: 850-213-5500, Email: sales@alysbeach.com
The Alys Foundation | The Story of Alys Beach Crafted | It’s Beer O’Clock Somewhere | By Whitney Rabalais

The funding of signature events at Alys Beach is one of the primary roles of the Alys Foundation, along with the pursuit of cultural explorations within the town and providing support for local nonprofits within the larger community. With the launch of a brand-new signature event planned for this Fall, contributing writer Whitney Rabalais will chronicle Alys Beach Crafted from conception to execution, offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the soul of the production.

There are many quotes about beer. Take the high and mighty:  “Wine is but single broth, ale is meat, drink and cloth” or “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”  The truthful:  “Give me a woman who loves beer and I will conquer the world.” And the just plain hilarious:  “Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza” and this gem “Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.”

As many quotes as there are about beer there are even more types of beer to imbibe.  But basically, beers start out as either an ale or a lager. The difference is in fermentation temperature and yeast. Lagers like a chilly fermentation where the yeast ferments the wort from the bottom of the vessel. Ales prefer a warmer environment with the yeast bubbling on the top of the wort.  What’s wort you say?  It’s the strained, sugary concoction derived from the brewing process usually comprised of water, malted grains and hops.  After a wort has been cooled the yeast is pitched into the sweet liquid where sugars extracted from the grains during the brewing process are the buffet for voracious yeast.  These residual sugars feed the hungry yeast who then convert the sugars to alcohol. Actually, it’s just magic.

Carbonation is another matter. Take the ultra special “real ales.”  Also known as cask conditioned ales, real ales have no forced carbonation, the addition of carbon dioxide or nitrogen that give most commercial beers its fizziness.  These beers are usually unfiltered and left to condition naturally, inside a cask, with still-active yeast allowing the beer to gently ferment over time.  This fermentation produces a brew that is very lightly carbonated with a different mouthfeel. Brewers typically know exactly how a bottled, canned or keg beer will taste when served. But with a cask conditioned ale all bets are off as the natural conditioning within the keg has tremendous influence on the taste of the final product.  No instant gratification here. That’s just part of the mystique and uniqueness of a cask conditioned ale.  One cask type is a firkin, specifically a cask that is ¼ of a barrel or roughly 10 gallons.  The smaller size allows a brewer to get creative—one base brew can be divided among multiple firkins and different ingredients added to each to create various uniquely flavored elixirs.

Enter Tyler White of Grayton Beer Company.  Over the years Tyler forged a love of craft beer but specifically the special amalgamation of emotions that takes place when people share a beer together. While in college this fervor eventually brought him to Colorado where, while visiting a local brewery, he had an epiphany:  this is what he wanted to do with his life.   A creative man who has a deep desire to work with his hands, this visit lead first to homebrewing then eventually to a year-long deep dive study through the World Brewing Academy, a joint venture of the Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago and Munich, Germany’s Doemans Academy.  In 2013 Tyler put his ardent study into practice when he moved from Tennessee to the Florida panhandle where he began his career with Grayton Beer Company when it was in its infancy.  At the time one of only two brewers, by 2016 this wunderkind had risen to become the head brewer of the company.  Though now the COO for Grayton Beer Company he identifies first and foremost as a brewer.


Start drooling now because this Master Brewer hopes to bring a glorious creation to Friday night’s Firkin Fête event during the Crafted weekend.  Prepare your taste buds, raise your steins and set your clocks because beer:30 is coming soon.

*Images courtesy of Ti Adoro Studios and Grayton Beer Company 

Alaqua Animal Refuge Receives Special Donations from Alys Beach

Beloved Alys Beach temporary buildings serve a new purpose.

The Perch, Piper’s Kitchen and The Bike Shop’s temporary structures within the community of Alys Beach have been removed and gifted to Alaqua Animal Refuge to be repurposed for their new facility. Within the Walton County community and beyond, Alaqua’s impact on animal welfare is highly regarded. The Southeast’s premier 501(c)3 refuge, Alaqua provides a second chance for abused, neglected and homeless animals, and has become recognized as a leader in animal rescue, welfare, cruelty prevention, and advocacy since its inception in 2007. Alaqua’s mission is to advocate for animals, provide them with safety, care, and shelter, and to foster the connection between humans and animals to create a kinder, more empathetic world for all living souls.

In 2020, as Alaqua worked to transition to a new location on 100 acres of donated land, the original campus suffered significant damages from Hurricane Sally, greatly impacting their ability to care for the animals in need of their services. Much of their existing infrastructure was rendered unsalvageable, and their needs for the new facility were suddenly more immediate.

Alys Beach is honored to play a role in helping Alaqua expedite the transition to the new campus with the donation of the Perch, Piper’s Kitchen, and Bike Shop buildings. With development well underway, the goal of the Refuge is to provide state-of-the-art facilities for animal care and sanctuary, and to expand opportunities for community engagement, promoting the healing power of animals on the human spirit.

The Perch, which was constructed as a placeholder for the exquisite and thoughtfully constructed homeowner-exclusive Beach Club at Alys Beach, was also heavily damaged by Hurricane Sally. Though restored, it was subsequently damaged beyond repair in early 2021 when a sudden, destructive storm came ashore, shifting the Perch frame and setting the structure on an angle. With the Perch deemed unsafe and irreparable, removal became imminent, and a salvage exploration brought forth the opportunity to donate the canopy roof to the new Alaqua facility, where it will be used for a stage in the amphitheater area for special concerts and fundraising events. The Perch, a simple, canopied veranda overlooking the Gulf, was a beloved gathering spot for our homeowners’ sundowners and casual celebrations, and we are grateful that it will be able to serve a new purpose at Alaqua.

Piper’s Kitchen (now Beach Food & Beverage Delivery Service) and The Bike Shop also operated out of temporary units before moving operations into the new Beach Club campus this spring. Placed picturesquely together around a courtyard, the former Piper’s Kitchen and The Bike Shop buildings are now poised to offer solutions for some of Alaqua’s special needs, providing separate areas for nursery facilities and space for a new cat café component created to bolster the Refuge’s socialization and adoption efforts.

While it has been sad to see the removal of these early Alys Beach places, places where milestones were celebrated and memories made, we are warmed by the repurposing of these Piper’s, Bike Shop and Perch structures for such a worthwhile cause as the Alaqua Animal Refuge. We look forward to the coming events at the Refuge as opportunities to rally around Alaqua, provide the additional support they need, and celebrate this heartfelt contribution to their facilities.

*Note: Images courtesy of Alaqua Animal Refuge and Alys Beach Marketing.

ZUMA Wellness Center | New Faces and New Offerings

ZUMA adds to its catalog of classes and instructors.

With the busy summer season in full swing, ZUMA has added new offerings and new instructors for its members’ and Alys Beach vacation rental guests’ wellness experience. Alongside Patrick Hoffner on TRX and personal fitness, TJ Middleton on Tennis, Christy Bricken on BogaFit, and Rebecca Simmons on yoga, ZUMA has added classes with Amanda Conner and Liz Lee.

Amanda Conner is offering new yoga classes inspired by the Gulf waters and focused on mobility movements designed to create openness and relaxation. Traditional vinyasa style provides the foundation of her classwork, geared toward yogis of all levels, with inspirations from other avenues of movement likely drawn from her background in dance and aerial acrobatics.  Amanda is (200-hour) Yoga Certified through Koya Webb’s Alo Yoga program, registered and certified for instruction through Yoga Alliance, certified in Holistic Health, Acro Yoga, and Aromatherapy. Amanda also has a passion for inversions and offers private sessions to challenge those looking to explore strength building for inversions or handstands.

Liz Lee is offering boxing/kickboxing, strengthen & stretch, and personal training at ZUMA. Liz is a fitness guru with a background in competitive sports including club and beach volleyball, swimming, and Muay Thai team kickboxing. She also holds a bachelor’s in art from University of California, Santa Barbara, and a master’s in computer science from Boston University. Liz has a passion for martial arts and is a NASM certified Personal Trainer. Her approach to health and fitness engages mind and body through knowledge, motivation, support, and guidance to promote sustainable results for overall lifestyle.

Alys Beach homeowners can now explore class offerings, book classes, and place tennis requests through the Alys Beach Owner App. Alys Beach homeowners, members, and Alys Beach vacation rental guests can book sessions and check the current schedule by calling the ZUMA Wellness Concierge at 850-213-5596.

In the News | Recent Media Coverage of Alys Beach

See where Alys Beach has appeared in the news since we last checked in…

Sports Illustrated touted Alys Beach as “the most fascinating of them all” in relation to the 30A communities branching out from Seaside in an article titled, “Sun, Sand, and the SEC: The Secluded Florida Region Where Football Coaches ‘Find Peace.’”

Palm Beach Illustrated and Aventura magazines profiled Alys Beach as a featured “Escape” in the current issues: “Go Ask Alys: Alys Beach pairs the LUXURY of a posh, far-flung resort with the family-friendly vibe of a LOW-KEY beach town,” by Kristen Desmond LeFevre. Digital publication coverage is coming soon!

Milieu magazine ran a full feature on the Alys Beach home of architect and interior designer couple Roxanne Jackson and Glen Oxford titled, “Soulful Getaway.” The article is running in the current print edition of the magazine as well as in a digital version on the magazine’s website.

Outside Suburbia listed Alys Beach as a stand-in for Mykonos, Greece in an article titled, “15 American Towns that Feel Like Europe.”

MSN gave an overview of Alys Beach and the vacation rental program in a roundup of the “Best Hotels and Resorts in the Florida Panhandle.” This article went out on the syndicate network and has been picked up by multiple digital publications including Islands.com and Travelbaseline.com.

The announcement of Alys Beach’s new and upcoming signature event, Alys Beach Crafted, has been broadly covered by the regional newspapers and publications. The local papers ran the story in their Sunday print editions as well as online, and SoWal, 30A.com, 30A Food and Wine, VIE Magazine and other media partners have celebrated the announcement. Keep an eye out for more coverage as we gear up for this exciting new event!


Thank you for joining us for the Eleventh Edition of The Alys Journal. As we celebrate our nation this month, we reflect upon the courage, the sacrifice, the integrity dedicated to our liberty and our independence. We wish you a safe and happy July, a wonderful midsummer month, time for rest and time for togetherness. Should you find yourself in Alys Beach this July, we hope you enjoy your time with us. If not, we hope that these words and images helped you visit with us in spirit. As American author, journalist and naturalist Hal Borland perfectly ruminated, “July is not only a season of the year; it is a season of the mind and memory. Hot days and sultry nights and crashing thunderstorms are a part of July, and to the drone of bees in the clover fields will soon be added the high-pitched sibilance of the cicada.”

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