Fifth Edition
Welcome to the fifth edition of The Alys Journal. Many of those who were unable to visit in the spring have shifted their travels to fall, and our paths and trails are still steadily frequented by folks grateful for a peaceful, natural escape. Autumn is a beautiful time in Alys, and though our festivities this October may take a different shape, we are delighted by the small shifts in season, by the occasional cool morning, falling leaves and vibrant sunsets. Join us as we welcome this harvest season and celebrate the special traditions and preparations for all of the things that make up our fall – football, Halloween, pumpkin patches, apple cider, beach bonfires…

“Listen! The wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves,
We have had our summer evenings, now for October eves!”
– Humbert Wolfe (Italian-born British Poet, 1885-1940)

“And the sun took a step back, the leaves lulled themselves to sleep and Autumn was awakened.” – Raquel Franco (Contemporary Poet)
On the Market | The Selene & Easterly

Alys Beach’s Newest Sales Offerings

Alys Beach recently announced the release of The Selene & Easterly condominium residences fronting the Gulf of Mexico. These new residences are poised to offer incredible views of Alys Beach’s most enchanting asset – our beautiful beach.

With such significant positioning within the community, the names of these buildings also hold significance worth sharing. In Greek Mythology, two sisters, Selene and Eos carried the responsibility of bringing warm, morning light at each dawn and ushering in the moon by night. Eos (inspiration for The Easterly) arose in the morning from the River Okeanos (Oceanus), and Selene drove the chariot of the moon across the heavens. These sisters, together, welcomed the beauty from daylight and dusk and ushered in all that occurred in between.

These Gulf-front condominiums, sister-buildings seated at the southeast corner of the property, will most certainly bear witness to the same as the sun rises and sets each day. Both buildings will be adjacent to the Plaza and the Beach Club.

Designed by Merrill, Pastor & Colgan architects out of Vero Beach, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia, the luxury spaces will reflect the stunning Bermudian architectural style of the community with a decidedly Mediterranean feel. The Selene & The Easterly will feature 13 total one-, three-, three-bedroom plus bunk and four-bedroom residences with spacious floor plans and expansive balconies overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, the Plaza and the Beach Club.

As Alys Beach homeowners, residents of The Selene & Easterly will have access to the town’s most sought-after amenities including Caliza Pool, the state-of-the-art ZUMA Wellness Center, and the private homeowner’s Beach Club. For those interested in learning more about The Selene & Easterly, please visit the website here, or email reception.sales@alysbeach.com to connect with a member of the sales team.

The Alys Foundation + Point Washington Medical Clinic

Did you know that, while The Alys Foundation is responsible for funding the Alys Beach signature events and artwork, it also supports local nonprofits? Let us give you the lowdown on the Foundation so you know the important role it plays in our town and the larger community!

The Alys Foundation is a proud partner of The Point Washington Medical Clinic (PWMC).  The mission of the PWMC is to build a stronger and heathier community by providing high-quality primary health care regardless of the patient’s means or access.  The clinic is a volunteer-run, donation-based organization serving all of Walton County.  When COVID-19 hit, the PWMC had to pivot to became one of the only places in the area offering testing for the novel coronavirus.  Over 2,684 patients have been seen at the PWMC this year, and a total of 1,563 COVID-19 tests have been performed.  Hillary Glenn, Executive Director, DNP, ARN says, “Without the generous support of the Alys Foundation through grant funds as well as volunteer support, we would not have been able to create or sustain such a robust COVID-19 response in Walton County and the surrounding community.”

This October 3 – October 17, the PWMC will host their 4th Annual (Virtual) Harvest Moon Fundraiser to raise funds for supplies and medical equipment needed to allow them to better serve our community.  Some of the items they need include new exam tables, EKG machines, and better technology to ensure patients, doctors, and volunteers’ safety during this time. This year’s virtual event will feature live music by Chris Alvarado, a “Giving Auction,” and virtual yoga class, all of which will take place during the 14-day celebration.

The Point Washington Medical Clinic is located at 1290 North Highway 395 in Santa Rosa Beach.  The clinic is open on Mondays from 11am-5pm, Wednesdays from 7:30am-1:30pm, and on Thursdays from 10am-2pm for COVID-19 Screening.  To donate or volunteer, please go to their website thepwmc.org.

Summer to Fall | Coastal Style Transitions with the Alys Shoppe

The Alys Shoppe shares a few special tricks for transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall in our warm, coastal climate.

Pumpkin spice and everything nice can be a little more challenging with our warm coastal autumns here in Alys Beach. If we’re lucky, our fall days will start with a slight chill in the morning, teasing us to pull out our sweaters prematurely while afternoons remind us that beach days and sunshine are still very much in the repertoire. With our Alys Shoppe team, we’ll navigate our special Florida “season changes” by tweaking, layering, and accessorizing your year-round resort wear wardrobe.

The easiest way to transition to autumn is to mix up your color palette with autumnal colors. Even though the warm temperatures still have us reaching for linen palazzo pants, sundresses, and blazers (if you must), swapping out cool colors for creams, sands, siennas, toffees, and ochres lends an authenticity to your mug of apple cider.  Even when paired with your white jeans or trousers (Yes! You can wear white after Labor Day!), warm tones give a seasonal air to your attire.

Airy layers with floaty fabrics in warm hues, suedes and felts pair beautifully with the open weaves and natural tones of light sweaters, basket clutches and fedoras. Heritage plaids, cardigans, and loafers are more accents to bring our ensembles current, paired with items that breathe and work with our warmer temperatures.

At the Alys Shoppe, a leopard print chiffon ruffled minidress feels perfect for a trip to the pumpkin patch with Esse Ut Esse fringed sneakers. The black, gold, and ivory pattern of Krewe’s Orleans Blinker sunglasses and Vincent Peach pearl and leather earrings compliment this easy look – just grab a sweet, Bohemia handled basket to collect your mini pumpkins, gourds and foliage for photo ops and tablescapes. A simple cream and black Tory Birch kaftan or Crown Linen Designs’ Tatum Trousers layered with the Juliet Poncho take you straight to an evening beach bonfire.

For the kids, Ollie + Squish swimsuits come in retro patterns that will make these fall beach days feel a little more crisp. Vintage florals and stripes move us gently towards fall, even if sandcastles and surf lessons are still on the agenda.

For the men, a handsome Crusher Zip in heathered grey or indigo throws easily over khaki shorts or joggers to catch a sunset on the rooftop terrace. Light cotton-weave herringbones, warm-toned linens and caramel suede loafers kick it up a notch for a romantic dinner at Caliza or a festive whisky tasting in the neighbor’s courtyard.

Whether you’re picking pumpkins at the patch or roasting marshmallows over the fire pit, stop into the Alys Shoppe for those cozy layers and accessories that’ll make your wardrobe feel ready for autumn. If you still need a nudge to get into the fall spirit, the Alys Shoppe team is always there to help with styling for any occasion!

Caliza Restaurant  |  Fall Menu

As our days take on the occasional chill and our porches and tables display pumpkins, haybales, and spooky Halloween decorations, our Caliza Restaurant menu shifts to welcome the fall season. Autumn harvest yields varieties of fresh seasonal produce from butternut squash and rich mushrooms to heirloom carrots and crisp apples, and hearty seafoods and meats such as grilled trout and braised short ribs accompany our evergreen menu favorites. Signature Southern influences mingle with the personal touches our chefs bring to the table with subtle but distinctive Peruvian, Mediterranean and Creole techniques and inspirations flavoring each dish with a special twist.

The appetizer menu warms things up with Korean spice, mint, red onion, cilantro, jalapeño, and benne seeds seasoning the Border Springs lamb, or channels the Amalfi coast with the Garganelli pasta with burrata, pesto, breadcrumbs and basil.  Soups and salads embrace an autumnal glow with a kale salad accompanied by toasted pecans, dried apricots, Pecorino Toscano and pecan vinaigrette, and with a golden butternut squash soup garnished with pepitas and pumpkin seed oil. Entrees see the Kurobuta pork chop plated with squash, Carolina Gold rice, Ricotta Salata and Gremolata, and seared Florida shrimp with cauliflower, Korma, Carolina Gold rice, Marcona almonds, and mint.

Beautiful warm hues of fall color the plates at Caliza, as the glow of the lights reflects on the still pool, and the Moorish towers envelop the space. The Caliza ambience is sure to transport you to another world in both environment and in flavors this fall. Reservations are recommended for those who’d like to explore this seasonal menu in Caliza’s enchanting setting.

In the News | Recent Media Coverage of Alys Beach

This month, Garden & Gun Land talks Alys Beach from the lens of real estate and ownership in a beautiful article resulting from our marketing partnership. Additionally, the southern lifestyle magazine is currently running online coverage and mentions across their social media channels.

Modern Luxury’s Atlanta-based women’s lifestyle magazine, JEZEBEL features Alys Beach as a stop on their short list of drivable destinations to cure a wanderlust in this month’s issue. The writer emphasizes flawless design, “distinct” architecture, and luxury amenities in Alys Beach in both print and digital versions of this article.

Our friends at the beautiful, locally produced magazine, VIE, are running a wonderful feature on The Alys Journal for their current issue. Their talented editorial team did a great job of collecting pieces from across our first several issues of the Journal in this special feature. Make sure to grab a copy!

Local magazine, The Thirty-A Review, did a thoughtful interview with Drew Dzejak, Alys Beach Culinary Director, delving into his history in culinary hospitality and his decidedly client-focused philosophies on service, as well as the influences that flavor his dishes.

If you happen upon copies of 30A’s inaugural issue of Beach Happy magazine, you’ll notice the iconic white rooftops of Alys Beach peeking out from behind the front cover. Southern food culture magazine The Local Palate also included Alys Beach in their “The Ultimate Summer Travel Roundup” for their Fall print issue.

Thank you for joining us for the Fifth Edition of The Alys Journal. Whether you are enjoying the start of autumn where the leaves have started to fall and the air is crisp, or here in Alys Beach where palmettos are evergreen and the breezes are still warm, we hope that these stories have transplanted you to vacation with us for a moment.

“All things on earth point home in old October; sailors to sea, travellers to walls and fences, hunters to field and hollow and the long voice of the hounds…” – Thomas Wolfe (American Novelist, 1900-1938)

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