Ninth Edition
Welcome to the ninth edition of The Alys Journal. May is a special month here along 30A. A month of treasured long weekends along the shore, squeezing in some beach time while the weather is still a little mild and things are still a little quiet. A month when our precious lupines dot the terrain with their feathery indigo blooms, and the sweet scents of jasmine and magnolia blossoms remind us that we’re in the Southern domain. A month of celebration; we celebrate the achievements of graduates and the contributions and love of our mothers. And here at Alys Beach, we have our spectacular Digital Graffiti festival to enjoy! As captured in the words of British angler and countryside author, Fennel Henson, “May, more than any other month of the year, wants us to feel most alive.”  
$6,795,000 | South of 30A
$4,250,000 | North of 30A
$5,805,614 | South of 30A
South of 30A
Alys Beach’s Newest Sales Offerings

Heading into the month of May, we continue to see an uptick in construction and development in response to an ever-demanding market. We welcome our newest homeowners, and we continue to help those who desire to join our town with properties as they come available.

We are delighted to see The Camden and Whitby town center condominiums nearing completion, with our residences and our commercial spaces readying for occupancy. Soon, these beautiful buildings will be bustling with life and movement, with exceptional retail experiences, as well as fun, neighborhood favorites offering treats, coffee and café specialty drinks.

As always, our Alys Beach Sales Team is the very best place to start if you are interested in knowing what the options are for buying and building in Alys. Be sure to connect with our Alys Beach sales team if you are interested in becoming an Alys Beach homeowner.
Alys Beach Food & Beverage  |  Introducing Executive Chef Kevin Cavanaugh

Welcome aboard, Chef Kevin. We’re so glad you’re here!

Joining the Alys Beach Culinary Team just as the Beach Club and Caliza opened for the season, Executive Chef Kevin Cavanaugh really hit the ground running. Overseeing the culinary programs for NEAT Tasting Room, Caliza, the Beach Club, and a myriad of special events is a role that plays well into Chef Kevin’s signature elegant, sophisticated cuisine that is approachable, accessible, and without pretension.

Chef’s love for food comes by him honestly, growing up in a home where food was central to celebration, and to self-exploration and self-expression. In youth, Chef’s father worked as a butcher and, in accompanying him on excursions to the meat packing district in Chicago, Chef developed an intrinsic understanding of quality cuts of meat and a deep respect for provision and the people who work to guide food from the farm to the table. Chef’s mother also had a profound early impact on Chef’s passion for food, its preparation, the process of refining, learning, and developing, and in the experience of celebrating with food and family. She found joy in perfecting time-honored family recipes and in sharing in Chef’s training process, trying new recipes and techniques, and in binding family together around the dinner table.

Chef Kevin trained at Le Cordon Bleu in his hometown of Chicago and developed a keen interest in international cuisine while living in Sydney, Australia and travelling the Pacific Rim. Over 10 years in the Lowcountry of coastal South Carolina and then in Raleigh, North Carolina, Chef honed his skill alongside some of the top chefs in the industry while contributing to celebrity guest dinners and the famed Music to Your Mouth Festival. Chef’s leadership in running the successful Food & Beverage program for Brier Creek Country Club in Raleigh further propelled him and solidified his passion for sharing the excitement of food with new culinarians through training and internship programs, and as an avenue to support charitable causes through fundraising events and community outreach.

In overseeing the culinary program here at Alys Beach, Chef Kevin has delved into the character and identity behind each venue, connecting with the team, the guests, and the spaces. Drawing on the architectural influences as well as the bounty of the Gulf and surrounding waters, and the seasonal fresh-from-the-farm produce, Chef is inspired on the daily. Working through the menus at each venue, in tandem with Executive Sous Chef Renato Falconi at the Beach Club and Sous Chef Jason Gregory at Caliza, Chef brings his diverse experience with international and regional cuisines, and a peppering of current trends in flavor profiles and preparations, into the domain of a well-traveled and discerning audience seeking relaxation, comfort, quality, and refinement.

We are thoroughly excited to welcome Executive Chef Kevin Cavanaugh to Alys Beach. We are thrilled to have him share his professional insights and inspirations in tandem with our incredible Alys Beach Food & Beverage team, and we’re delighted to see them together creating a culinary experience like none other.

In addition to his career and culinary accomplishments, Chef Kevin takes great pride in his role as a father to sons Fionn (11) and Eddie (9). Straight-A students at St. Raphael Catholic School in Raleigh, Fionn enjoys skateboarding and hockey, and Eddie enjoys golf and U-10 rugby.

Alys Beach Food & Beverage | Behind the Scenes

A look at the people and the creativity behind the new food & beverage programming at Alys Beach

This Spring, our owner-exclusive amenity, The Beach Club at Alys Beach, was brought fully online, which shifted both the programming and the faces of our Alys Beach Food & Beverage team. With the guidance of Senior Director of Operations, Hugues Le Berre at the helm, new Executive Chef Kevin Cavanaugh overseeing the full program, and with the management of GM Gray Soper, Adam Sims, Jennifer Moore, and Abigail Southerland, each of our individual outlets continue to hone the talent and rhythm behind the dining experience.

A collection of fully realized menus comes to fruition through a collaboration between our Chefs and their teams, with global elements reflecting not only the heritage and experiences of the team, but also taking into account the well-traveled audience. Asian, Latin American, Indian, Caribbean, and African accents contribute to dishes largely cultivated around location – the traditions of Southern food and the colors and flavor profiles of locally-sourced, seasonally fresh ingredients; uniquely crafted into a finely curated balance.

For our homeowners, the addition of the Beach Club has meant an exciting new venue to enjoy the creativity and hospitality of the Alys Beach culinary experience. A space thoughtfully designed to capitalize on the Gulf views, the breezes, the sun and shade, the sunsets…could be no finer backdrop to the menu cultivated by Executive Sous Chef Renato Falconi-Uscamayta in collaboration with Chef Kevin and the culinary team. In effort to best serve our homeowners with the experience and flair to which they’d become accustomed with Caliza’s dinner service, the team has shifted to provide a consistency in quality and in those long-forged connections. Sandy, Todd, Julie, Troy, Terrance, Mitko, Rikki, Sarah, Peyton, Matt, Roshawn, Bailey, Robert, Shaz, Mike, Adam, Babur, and Nicole are amongst the faces providing service at the Beach Club – many of whom will be familiar to our homeowners. The dinner menu also weaves a thread of familiarity with inspiration once again drawing from Chef Renato’s upbringing in Lima, Peru.  For instance, Crudo (raw) and Ceviche preparations for fresh seafood draw on Chef Renato’s Peruvian roots, and the accompaniments and the preparations are also crafted through these and other deep flavor memories. Lathan and Maurice keep the dishes coming together behind the scenes and Mama Gogo, as our Godelive is affectionately called, is the glue that holds the kitchen together. With an innate talent for execution and a nurturing ability to guide the process, she steadies the momentum and lends the perspective of her African heritage to the flavor profiles.

With Beach Food + Beverage Delivery, consistency of service and logistics are key in delivering fresh, delightful snacks, meals, and beverages directly to the beach chairs of our guests and homeowners. Stephanie Dzejak, Michelle Cruz, and Liz Mercaldi lead the team behind this smooth effort, carefully coordinating with our Beach Recreation team to keep the process efficient and seamless, with Brian, Trooper, Jettson, Melanie and Matt helping to keep those festive frozen cocktails, mocktails, and fish tacos flowing.

At Caliza, Sous Chef Jason Gregory works carefully with Chef Kevin to produce a menu of elevated poolside cuisine. Following the Mediterranean and Moroccan cues of Caliza’s architecture, the menu folds in influences of Marrakesh and Sardinia in flavor and presentation. The Cinnamon Lamb Kebob Bites are delicately hearty, fragrant, and earthy with accents of citrus tahini and tart pomegranate syrup drizzles. Bowls, salads, and Bucatini bring a vibrant array of color with fresh seafood and produce, while creative light bites and Southern comforts like a griddled pimento cheese sandwich and Lowcountry seafood rolls round out the offerings. And poolside service at Caliza is as friendly as ever, greeting our homeowners and return rental guests with familiar faces. Travis, Hakeem, Sammy, Jillian, Khongor, Dani, Kris, Haword, Nick, Tim, and Tyler are on-hand to provide the best care and service alongside the management of Courtney White.

NEAT Tasting Room’s menu has become a place for Chef Kevin to create innovative, trend-forward bites that are easy and accessible, a response to both the industry trends and the cool, laid-back vibe of NEAT. With fun dishes that play off of Austin and Hunter’s cocktail program, Chef Kevin has created a handful of exciting offerings including the Roasted Eggplant Tartare, a vegetarian version of the steak classic that doesn’t compromise on flavor, and the Siracha Chicken Meatballs, balancing heat with sweet in a sticky rice filling and Gojuchang honey sauce for a combination that ties in some of the hottest culinary buzzwords out there right now. If you’re deliberating on what to pair with these small bites, don’t hesitate to check in with your server. Keeley, Jordan, Coral, Matt, Emily, and Liz, alongside manager and creative cocktail guru Hunter Church, are great resources for navigating the NEAT menu.

Complimenting the full culinary collection, of course, is an incredible beverage program, led by Alys Beach Beverage Manager Austin Doiron. With the opening of the Beach Club as an exclusive homeowner experience, the shifting of Caliza’s dining service from public to private, and the naturally more experiential patrons of NEAT, Austin has found our audiences to be very receptive to a beverage program that is dynamic, bold, and pretty exciting. With wines and spirits that range from the rare and exclusive to the more approachable but no less refined, Austin has created a program that surpasses expectation. With the creative input of Hunter Church on mixology, the cocktail game is an ever-evolving program of beautifully presented combinations crafted with the latest preparations. Just don’t hesitate if you’ve got your eye on a special concoction – the seasonal cocktail offerings are on a monthly release cycle to keep the program fresh, engaging, and robust.

Overall, the Food & Beverage Program here at Alys Beach is a finely choreographed effort of talent, skill, and hospitality. With a team that our owners and guests grow to know and enjoy, we hope that this continuation of our series will provide a closer look into the kitchen and behind the bar, offering useful insights into the elements of menu creation – personal and experimental. We hope to show the care and devotion that goes into serving each of you as you join us at our various dining venues, private and public, as well as for our special events at Alys Beach including the upcoming Digital Graffiti festival and our new Supper Club series. Join us next month as we explore some of the new developments within the beverage program, and dive deeper into the process of curating the list of wines, spirits, and services.

*Photographs by Gray Soper, Jillian Mook, and Ann Delaney

The Alys Foundation | Birth of an Idea – How Alys Beach Crafted Came to Be - By Whitney Rabalais

The funding of signature events at Alys Beach is one of the primary roles of the Alys Foundation, along with the pursuit of cultural explorations within the town and providing support for local nonprofits within the larger community. With the launch of a brand-new signature event planned for this Fall, contributing writer Whitney Rabalais will chronicle Alys Beach Crafted from conception to execution, offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the soul of the production.

Ah, New Orleans. The scent of magnolias on the breeze; jazz melodies in the air; Tales of the Cocktail on the lips.  This is the impetus of the latest must-attend event soon to hit the Gulf shores of Alys. Alys Beach Crafted, the brainchild of Alexis Miller, Director of Events for Alys Beach, came to being after a visit to the iconic summer cocktail extravaganza in the Crescent City.  Offering seminars, panel discussions, lunches, dinners and copious tasting opportunities with distillers, brand representatives, bartenders, mixologists and trade leaders, Tales presented a cornucopia of cocktail centric events servicing both industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.

But what truly garnered Ms. Miller’s attention and tickled her curiosity was the mutual admiration and celebration of bartenders and mixologists by other bartenders and mixologists. Not only did these craftspeople share a love of craft cocktails, they equally shared an honest passion for each other’s talents and abilities, openly cheering for, spreading the word about and exhibiting an unabashed willingness to learn from other associates in the industry, what the outside world might consider a rival.  As with all people at the top of their prospective games, there was ego but without selfishness. This open generosity, the sharing of individual gifts and exchanges of ideas helped inspire Crafted.

Reverse back to October 2019 which welcomed the inaugural Firkin Fête, a festival for all things craft beer related, culminating with the opening of a firkin of cask ale.  Somewhat unique in the beer world, the beer undergoes a secondary fermentation that results in a special brew surprising all who taste it, including and especially the brewer. No one knows the outcome of this elixir until the firkin is finally tapped.  The anticipation is palpable.

Building on Firkin Fête, Crafted is poised to become a consequential fall event to mirror, but never imitate, Alys’ spring time wine festival.  Worry not Firkin Fanatics:  Crafted will feature a Friday homage to Firkin Fête.

Emboldened by Tales of the Cocktail and desiring to expose the 30A community to the crafters of mixology arts, Ms. Miller has conceptualized an event that will not only bring craft drink crackerjacks to Alys but also distillers and producers of the fine spirits at the heart of any drink worth imbibing.  Yet Crafted is not simply about drinking and carousing, though that will be available and encouraged. Makers and craftspeople of all genres will be highlighted, offering attendees a Makers Market of artisan wares and objects of beauty along with the ability to interact with these designers of refined commodities of culture and allure.  Such interactions will allow these wizards to not only share their goods but tell the tales of how their crafts came to fruition.

Storytelling will be at the heart of Crafted. Conveying drama, weaving fantasy about and with those artists who utilize their hands, heads and hearts to fashion unforgettable visual, tactile, arousing and sumptuous works of art. Stories by the Sea. This is Alys. This is Crafted.

*Photographs of Firkin Fête by Ti Adoro Studios and from our Alys Beach Marketing files.

The Alys Shoppe | For Graduates and For Mothers…and Digital Graffiti, too!

“Kindness in words creates confidence.

Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.

Kindness in giving creates love.” – Lao Tzu

As we celebrate our 2021 graduates, and our mothers, we invite you into the Alys Shoppe to find your perfect gifts. From elevated Alys Beach logo gear to fine jewelry, we’ve got a little something for everyone. We’ve rounded up a few ideas to help you plan for this special month of gifting.

Honor the accomplishments of your graduates with beautiful fine jewelry, including classic leather and pearl options from Vincent Peach, and the delicate and the bold pieces of Hayley Style. Male or female, understated and classic, or bold and fashion-forward, our Shoppe team can help you find the perfect piece to commemorate your graduate’s milestone. Featured in the images below are the triple star 14K white gold necklace, the pave diamond star inside a 14K yellow gold-plated circle on a pyrite beaded chain necklace, and the dainty gold encircled star drop earrings, all by Hayley Style.

Mark a university send-off or the next chapter in a life journey for graduates with our sturdy Alys Beach logo overnight duffle bag with gold embossed leather accents on coated canvas, and Yeti tumblers and mugs in a variety of colors. A custom-scented Alys Beach “Arboleda” candle brings the scent of Alys to a new home. The gift of Alys Beach logo gear is a lovely sentiment to encourage your graduate to take Alys, and perhaps the family memories made here, with them into the next phase and beyond – a connection to a place they hold dear.

For mom, lush scents, beautifully crafted handbags and jewelry, scarves, and luxurious textiles, the Alys Shoppe has lots of options for the extraordinary mothers in your lives. With scented gifts, Lafco’s Champagne and Roses soaps and Niven Morgan Gold perfume, Mom will feel pampered and treasured – especially if paired with a gift card for her to enjoy a spa facial or massage from Alys Beach’s ZUMA Wellness Center (access limited to Alys Beach homeowners and vacation rental guests). BENE’s luxury Italian leather accessories make a great gift for a mom with discerning taste. Wrap up a structured BENE classic, the Mini Nott in a fun fuchsia croc with gold chain strap or an understated envelope clutch in the finest Italian hide. This beautiful rose-colored towel in Turkish cotton doubles as a beach wrap or a shawl for when the Gulf breezes run cool and a sweet, leather-handled Bohemia forage basket helps Mom keep it all together.

If this Mother’s Day calls for something a little more extravagant, our Shoppe team would love to help you select the perfect piece of jewelry for a precious mama. Hayley Style’s diamond-encrusted “Love” pendant on a bolder paperclip chain makes a big statement, while the diamond-encircled gold heart on a delicate paperclip chain is a lovely piece for every day. Lisa Schwartz Jewelry “Love Link” Chain Earrings, Pamela B. layering chains, and David Aubrey gemstone wrap bracelets are just a few ideas for a sweet, subtle addition to her jewelry box.

The month of May also brings us the 2021 Digital Graffiti festival! While it may be a drive-through affair this year, there’s still plenty of opportunity for festivity. Standard tickets are for vehicles of up to eight people, so deck out your truck bed with bean bags, blankets, a bucket of popcorn, and a few friends, and you’ve got a party! And VIE Magazine’s virtual dance party on Saturday night is a good excuse to get dressed up. So, don’t forget your DG attire to kick things up a notch. The Alys Shoppe has beautiful, bright dresses from Temptation Positano for the festive festival goers, and logowear and elevated athleisure from Sundry for those who prefer to keep it casual. Graphic and glam print scarves and clutches in from Inoui Editions are a fun, easy way to add the spirit of DG into your ensemble.

Whether May means special gifts for celebrating special people or pulling fresh finds to gear up for Digital Graffiti, let the Alys Shoppe be your source. As always, the Shoppe team would love to help you find just the right thing!

In the News | Recent Media Coverage of Alys Beach

See where Alys Beach has appeared in the news since we last checked in…

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution described Alys Beach as the “Lap of Luxury” in its special travel section, Spring Guide.

Visit Florida has included Alys Beach in their current national advertising campaign. As part of this campaign, Garden & Gun Magazine listed Alys Beach in its G&G Field Report Destinations, a round-up of their favorite locations, as the title image for a sponsored article on South Walton.

An article originally appearing in the syndicated digital publication Pure Wow, Alys Beach is listed as one of “The 25 Best Beach Towns in America,” and was picked up by multiple other digital publications including Yahoo and Rue La La.

For those familiar with the swimwear designer Kortni Jeane, Alys Beach was selected by her followers as one of their “Favorite Beach Destinations.”


Thank you for joining us for the Ninth Edition of The Alys Journal. May the month of May bring warm sunshine on your path, cool evening breezes carrying the scents of the blooming things, and joyful celebrations. We hope that you have the opportunity to stroll our paths and take in the beauty of this month along our special coast and, if you are unable to join us in person, we hope that these words and images have transported you here for a moment in time. Wherever you may be, may the whimsy and joy of the words of Irish modernist novelist James Joyce ring true for you: “Winds of May, that dance on the sea, / Dancing a ring-around in glee / From furrow to furrow, while overhead The foam flies up to be garlanded.”

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