Leda in Arboleda Park

From his studio in Grayton Beach artist and sculptor Steve Wagner smiles at the thought of his first public art installation in Alys Beach. He sits back in his chair, and envisions his mermaid at home, safely nestled amid the crashing waves of Yaupon holly in the new Arboleda Park.

“I can just see her on a full moon night,” he said, “Surrounded by Yaupon bushes that have been shaped to look like waves. I love that the experience will be plant-like. It reflects her essence.”

 The “her” that he is referring to is Alys Beach’s public art installation, Leda the Mermaid. At almost 1,800 pounds, Leda will be hard to miss.The stone sculpture is an enlarged version of his original sculpture, which he crafted by hand at his studio in Grayton Beach.

Artist Steve Wagner ran a successful graphic design company in Atlanta, GA. before moving to the beach. The beauty of 30A inspired him to return to his fine arts roots. A series of landscapes, painted plein air, was recently featured in the Cultural Arts Association Design Showcase Home. A collection of nudes is currently being shown at the World Six Gallery and his sculpture is sold in galleries in St. Barts.

Stay tuned as we update you on the artistic process and placement of Leda in Alys Beach.
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