Merchants Manager

Alys Beach is seeking an experienced Manager to be responsible for executing the rollouts and the on- going specialized needs of the merchants of Alys Beach. This role involves working with retail business owners, Alys Beach project management teams and Alys Beach accounting to define support needs and processes. This position is responsible to coordinate with the Alys Beach Marketing and Events teams to ensure the continued success of the Alys Beach brand. 

Job Responsibilities

  • Onboarding with each new Tenant; efforts to include preparation of rent schedule for Accounting; branding meeting with Marketing; Intro to Town Ops Team; etc.
  • Administration of all active leases; efforts to include seeking payment from Tenants with outstanding balances, confirming all rents and additional rents are collected and the correct Accounting procedures are in place, auditing sales reports against sales tax reports, auditing certificates of insurance against lease requirements, confirming min sales are exceeded, defined use is adhered to, hours of operation are maintained, etc.
  • Establishment of the Common Area Maintenance Budget and communication with Tenants of annual charges
  • Coordination re: construction of tenant improvements; efforts to include audit of builder’s insurance, regular progress discussions with Tenant, liaison with Alys Beach Development (AB Development to be responsible for quality of construction work)
  • Coordinate with the Project management teams, Marketing and Town operations at Alys Beach to ensure successful product service levels with new and existing merchants.
  • Responsible to coordinate with the marketing team in defining opportunities to enhance our merchant experience and improve site merchandising and experience (advertising, social media, website listings and email campaigns/offers).
  • Enforcement of Town Center Rules and Regulations.
  • Manage and respond to merchants requests very quickly to bring to a resolution.
  • Responsible for communications and meetings with merchants.
  • Coordinate Town Center merchant events and keep an updated calendar of events as supported by the A&E fund, working with Marketing and Events team regularly to align with other town-wide events and promotions.
  • Communication with AB Team re: Merchant Sales & Activity; efforts to include routine meetings, reporting on rent collected YOY, sales YOY, issues of importance, upcoming events, tenant build-out progress, etc.
  • Monitor maintenance & trash responsibilities and performance of each tenant; report issues to Town Operations

Job Requirements

  • College degree required or equivalent experience
  • 3 to 5 years in a leadership capacity
  • Must be able to successfully implement directives and strategies for Merchants from the Alys Beach Management team.
  • Must be able to work on property as required.
  • Must be available for the Town Center Merchants in unusual property situations.
  • Must be available for the Town Center Merchants in emergency situations.

Essential Job Functions

  • Must have excellent written and communications skills.
  • Must have a working knowledge of MS Office environment.
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills.
  • Must be able to quickly and calmly adapt to and solve disputes when priorities change involving merchants.
  • Must be able to maintain working relationships with marketing, sales, town operations and the merchants of Alys Beach for smooth interactions.
  • Must have a working understanding of marketing concepts, accounting and the retail environment.
  • Must be able to successfully communicate with the Town Center merchants.

Preferred Skills

  • Intermediate to advanced skills with Microsoft Office products

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